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With a history in communications, technology, and privacy, Communication Security Group (CSG) has security in its DNA.


By combining expertise and best practices from both the private and public sector, CSG has been a pioneer in mobile voice and data encryption for over 15 years. During this time, CSG achieved milestones such as the first IP-based software-only encrypted voice solution over satellite, the first encrypted calls between iPhone and Android, and FIPS 140-2 and NIAP certifications for its encryption technology. Beyond technical accomplishments, CSG boasts a clientele comprising government and significant enterprise customers, including Five Eyes (FVEY) intelligence and law enforcement agencies.


Through decades of experience in government, military, and the private sector, CSG has created a suite of products that addresses the needs of both organizations and their end users. CSG’s communication security platforms, operate seamlessly across iOS, Android, Blackberry, and PBX systems, and are suitable for any organization regardless of size.  CSG provides government-grade encryption levels for organizations that demand the strictest security requirements with flexible pricing for smaller enterprises seeking an affordable communications privacy solution. And with its ultra-low bandwidth requirements, operate in a carrier-agnostic manner across IP connections from 2G Edge to 5G.



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