April 20, 2016

Featured on Infosec Island.

With the Australian banking system reeling from its recent malware attacks, it seems news stories about the theft of personal data are popping up with depressing regularity.

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April 8, 2016

Communication Security Group (CSG), the leader in secure, encrypted voice calls and real-time messaging, today unveiled security and functionality updates to Cellcrypt ( The Cellcrypt app is a complete solution that enterprises and government agencies use for secure voice calls, private instant messaging and encrypted file transfers on mobile devices. Unlike many popular consume...

March 19, 2016

"There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch." This adage, meaning 'to get one thing that we like, we usually have to give up another thing that we like', dates back to the 1930's. However, in today's Internet economy, this is the case as never before and the things that we are giving up every day are our data and our privacy. 

Indeed our private information, our social interactions,...

February 23, 2016

Communication Security Group (CSG) the leader in secure, real-time messaging and encrypted voice/conference calls today announced it joined the AppConfig Community. With AppConfig Community best practices implemented, customers can more simply deploy CSG’s Cellcrypt and Seecrypt apps for secure text messaging and phone calls across any enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

With the widespr...

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